It's one of many inevitable facts in a horror film: The female protagonist will trip and fall in an attempt to run away from danger, leaving the audience screaming at her to "get up!" before she's tracked down by the killer. Just in time for Halloween, our sister site ScreenCrush has compiled all of the best trippin' ladies into one epic supercut video. Check it out above!

Whether the female in question takes an accidental tumble down the stairs, falls (and then crawls) her way through the woods or just casually happens to slip on something that will ultimately lead her to her demise, women have been tripping and falling in horror movies since the beginning of time (or at least the beginning of horror movies). And, of course, it will inevitably end in the one thing that the audience simultaneously loves and hates: her eventual death. Nooo!

Check out the epic supercut vid of ladies falling in horror movies above!

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