The minute-and-a-half teaser for Girls' Generation's 'Beep Beep' video features more pink than a Nicki Minaj clip! That's saying something! This bright, cotton candy-colored visual gives us a pretty taste of what to expect from the full video for the track.

Beautiful and stylish girls? Check. Animation? Check. Life-sized telephones? Check. Onscreen captions? Check. Lots of cuteness? You bet! It's all here in this clip.

Ever felt the urge to swim inside a bottle of Pepto-Bismol? Neither have we, but something tell us that this vid mimics what that sensation would be like.

For those keeping K-Pop score at home, 'Beep Beep' was the B-side to Girls' Gen's song 'Flower Power.' The official music video was supposed to drop on April 5 -- but we have yet to see the rest of it!

Look out Nicki, the K-Pop troupe is closing in on your color.