It looks like Giuliana Rancic may have been telling the truth when she said her comments about Zendaya's hair were boho-related after all. According to PEOPLE, Giuliana's comments were reportedly heavily edited and failed to include the first half of her comments that expressed that Zendaya's hair was "really heavy -- it overwhelms her, and it's just too boho." The clip then reportedly shows Giuliana making a peace sign and continuing to say, "Zendaya is more high-fashion. The hair to me on her is making her a little more boho. Like I feel like she smells like patchouli oil. Or weed."

The actual clip that aired and sparked the controversy allegedly cut out the mention of a bohemian look entirely. PEOPLE goes on to say that the joke was actually scripted by one of Fashion Police's writers, and that it even had a line about the Grateful Dead that didn't make the cut. The source said, "She just thought it was a joke about hippies." Giuliana's initial apology to Zendaya was a tweet stating, "I'm sorry I offended you and others. I was referring to a bohemian chic look. Had NOTHING to do with race and NEVER would!!!"

To Giuliana's credit, she apologized to Zendaya publicly and explained that while she didn't mean to offend anyone her intentions are not what ultimately matter. She said, "I have learned it is not my intent that matters, it’s the result. And the result is that people are offended, including Zendaya, and that is not okay."

Zendaya accepted the apology with grace and also brought public attention to the issue of stereotyping and racial insensitivity.

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