Regionals are here and so is the season finale for Season 4! This Thursday's (May 9) episode of 'Glee' has lots going on as the New Directions focus on advancing to Nationals.

The guest stars include Patty Duke and Meredith Baxter – remember, she was Elyse Keaton on the '80s sit com 'Family Ties' -- and Season 11 'American Idol' runner-up Jessica Sanchez.

In other plot deets, Brittany gets back from her trip to MIT and she has a brand new attitude, while Ryder is slowly starting to figure out who is "catfishing" him. Or so he thinks.

The music in this ep is fun, and much of it is lead by ladies and is super poppy, featuring tracks from Little Mix and Icona Pop, among others.

Be sure and tune in since it's the last time you'll be able to until next season.

'Glee' 'All or Nothing' Songs – Full Episode List

-'To Love You More,' Rachel (Celine Dion)
-'I Love It,' New Directions (Icona Pop)
-'Clarity,' Hoosier Daddies (Zedd)
-'Wings,' Hoodier Daddies (Little Mix)
-'Hall of Fame,' New Directions (The Script Feat.
-'All or Nothing,' Marley & Blaine

Watch a Sneak Peek of 'All or Nothing'