'Glee' creator Ryan Murphy is looking to heat things up this season. According to Inside TV, the mastermind behind the FOX show has a casting call out for an "extremely handsome" actor to fill a gap.

Murphy is on the hunt for a "Young man 18 and over to play 17. He is extremely handsome. Must be an excellent singer," who will be a "HUGE guest star, MAJOR recurring role," but there's no word on whether or not that talented hottie will join New Directions, or if he'll rival the show's current hotties.

With Sam (Chord Overstreet) off the radar for Season 3, there are definitely some sexy shoes to fill, but we can't help but wonder why 'The Glee Project' cuties Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty aren't enough to up the show's hotness factor.

Additionally, EW learned that some of McKinley's football stars might be headed for college ball. Another 'Glee' casting call has its sights set on a "tall big dude who is an Ohio State football recruiter"; a man in his 30s who does not necessarily have to be good looking.

We're pumped for all of the changes to 'Glee' this season ... Except for the fact our favorite characters are destined for graduation and new beginnings. Season 3 of 'Glee' starts on Sept. 20.