With less than half a season left, and with most of the original cast graduating, it seems like 'Glee' is building toward an emotional climax.

To follow up on last week's big news, Rachel said yes to Finn's proposal, but now that both she and Kurt are finalists for NYADA, did she make the right choice? Finn was super anxious about her answer, and after they sang 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You' together, she realized that no matter what happens, Finn's love can be a constant in her life. Now, after getting accepted as a finalist fro NYADA, she might not feel the same way.

We've seen these two weather plenty of storms together, but this is the choppiest of them all. It seemed like maybe Quinn's advice that Rachel should break out on her own was going to stick, but now that Rachel and Finn have decided to tie the knot, anything could happen.

Will Finn follow Rachel to New York City? Will they go through with the marriage but stay in Ohio? Only time, and probably an epic season finale, will tell.