'Glee' introduces the concept of the 'Asian F' in Season 3, episode three. The episode is shaping up to be one of the show's best ever, according to multiple television critics who have already seen it.

What, exactly, is an 'Asian F?' It's an A-, which is the grade Mike Chang gets on a test. That grade upsets his father, who becomes concerned that Tina and the glee club are distracting Mike from his studies. Mercedes and Rachel engage in a memorable "Maria-off" as they compete for the female lead in 'West Side Story,' and one character apparently makes a "shocking announcement."

In terms of music, 'Asian F' has a lot to offer, starting with a beautiful cover of Coldplay's ballad 'Fix You' by Mr. Schuester. Mercedes takes on 'Spotlight,' a lively song by Jennifer Hudson, while Brittany and Santana prove that girls run the world with a Beyonce cover.

'Asian F' airs on Tuesday, Oct. 4 on FOX.

'Asian F' Episode Song List:
-Mr. Schuester, 'Fix You' (Coldplay)
-Mercedes, 'Spotlight' (Jennifer Hudson)
-Brittany and Santana, 'Run the World (Girls)' (Beyonce)
-Mercedes and New Directions, 'It's All Over' ('Dreamgirls')
-Rachel and Mercedes, 'Out Here on My Own' ('Fame')
-Mike Chang, 'Cool' ('West Side Story')