Guess what, gleeks? Sam Evans -- known to those of us outside McKinley High's student roster as Chord Overstreet -- is coming back to 'Glee'!

Fans everywhere were understandably distraught this summer after learning that the trouty-mouthed favorite was bidding farewell to the show for good. 'Glee' allegedly offered the blond heartthrob a chance to come back on for a handful of episodes, which he declined, but according to TV Line, Chord will be back on your screen soon after Season 3 returns. Being that he's a show favorite, we're not terribly surprised that FOX came crawling back and begging for more.

The 22-year-old artist/actor, who has been busy in the studio working on his debut album, will return to 'Glee' in episode 8. A source close to the hit musical show said, "We missed Chord and Chord missed us. It’s a win-win." We missed him, too!

'Glee' Season 3 returns on Nov. 1.