The song list for 'Britney 2.0' is here! The latest 'Glee' tribute to Britney Spears, which airs this Thursday, Sept. 20, features eight big Brit songs, plus creative mashups with Justin Bieber and Aerosmith tunes.

According to the song list courtesy of ONTD, Brittany gets two chances to show love to her namesake. She sings 'Hold It Against Me' on the football field with a group of cheerleaders, and she also performs 'Gimme More,' with its commanding opening line, "It's Britney, b----!"

Artie and Blaine pair up for a medley of 'Boys' with Bieber's 'Boyfriend,' which you can listen to here. The guys combine Brit's sexy spoken verses with Bieber's chorus for a catchy mashup. Another surprise medley starring Marley and Jake fuses Spears' '(You Drive Me) Crazy' with Aerosmith's rock song 'Crazy.'

Marley sings the beautiful love song 'Everytime,' one of our favorite Britney ballads, and she also joins with Tina and Unique on 'Womanizer.' And there's no way Rachel was going to be left out of the Britney tribute. Lea Michele's character perfectly channels Spears on 'Oops! ...I Did It Again.'

Here's the complete song list. Scroll down to see the 'Glee' version of 'Hold It Against Me.'

'Britney 2.0' Song List:
-Brittany & Cheerios, 'Hold It Against Me' (Britney Spears)
-New Directions, 'Gimme More' (Britney Spears)
-Artie & Blaine, 'Boys / Boyfriend' (Britney Spears / Justin Bieber)
-Tina, Sam & Joe, '3' (Britney Spears)
-Marley, 'Everytime' (Britney Spears)
-Marley & Jake, 'Crazy / (You Drive Me) Crazy' (Aerosmith / Britney Spears)
-Rachel, 'Oops! ... I Did It Again' (Britney Spears)
-Unique, Sugar, Tina & Marley, 'Womanizer' (Britney Spears)

Watch Brittany Perform 'Hold It Against Me' on 'Glee'