The upcoming all-Britney Spears episode of 'Glee' includes a bonus serving of the Biebs! Nobody is more creative than 'Glee' when it comes to mashing together songs with similar titles, and now the show is pairing Brit's 'Boys' with Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend.'

'Boys / Boyfriend' kicks off with the spoken word intro from Spears' 2002 track over a thumping beat. This medley belongs exclusively to the guys of 'Glee,' so the genders are changed from Brit's version as the cast sings the flirtatious words, "I spotted you dancin', you made all the boys stare / Those lips and your brown eyes and the sexy hair / I should shake my thing, make the world want you / Tell your girls you'll be back, I wanna see what you can do."

The chorus brings the arrival of an acoustic guitar and the hook, "If I was your boyfriend," from Bieber's smash. The second verse begins with the spoken lyrics from 'Boyfriend,' which takes over the mashup from that point.

'Boys / Boyfriend' joins a long line of clever 'Glee' mashups, like 'Singing in the Rain / Umbrella,' 'I Feel Pretty / Unpretty,' 'Survivor / I Will Survive,' and 'I Love New York / New York, New York.'

Season 4 of 'Glee' begins on Sept. 13, when it will air on Thursday nights after Brit's new show, 'X Factor.' The Spears-centric episode will be the second tribute to Britney that 'Glee' has done. This one will focus on her recent material.

Listen to the 'Glee' Cast, 'Boys / Boyfriend' Mashup