Carly Rae Jepsen's 'Call Me Maybe' was the biggest hit of the summer, so there was never any doubt that 'Glee' would show it some love. Four members of the cast cover the track in 'The New Rachel,' this week's season premiere episode.

The 'Glee' kids' version is a faithful cover that comes off like a group karaoke version, since the music hasn't been changed at all from Jepsen's No. 1 hit. The real drama here comes from the interplay between Unique, Blaine, Brittany and Tina, who take turns handling lead vocal duties.

In an advance clip of the performance (shown above), Unique brags: "I can sing any song, anytime. Just press play and get back." That's when the song starts. Unique takes the opening line, Blaine sings the next one, and the girls join in for the pre-chorus harmonies.

Sensing an opportunity to seize the spotlight with Rachel gone, the singers do their best to impress, as Artie looks on. By the end, they're jumping in front of each other to singing over one another to bring as much attention to themselves as possible.

The vocals of the 'Call Me Maybe' cover are solid, even if the arrangement is nothing new. 'The New Rachel' airs this Thursday, Sept. 13, at 9PM ET.