If there's anyone who understands the meaning behind Michael Jackson's 'Black or White,' it's Gleeks -- so we know they'll be especially excited to get a first listen at the 'Glee' cast version of the early '90s smash.

'Black or White' is not just about skin color, it's about equality and accepting others for who they are, which is what the show prides itself on. 'Glee' has been a flag carrier for the rights of people of all shapes, sizes and walks of life, and they bring tough subjects to the surface week after week to get high school-aged kids talking about issues that matter.

Above all else, 'Glee' can do one hell of a cover rendition -- even if the original artist is the legendary Michael Jackson. Truth be told, at first listen we could hardly tell whether we were listening to the 1991 version or the 'Glee' cover... Until Lea Michele started singing, of course. Much like the 'Bad' number due to air in the same MJ episode, 'Black or White' is a group effort and showcases many of the New Directions' talents, while ‘Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ is more Blaine's chance to shine.

This colorful spin is a kickback to old school jams, incorporating digital sound additions and even a rap breakdown mid-tune. The 'Glee' rendition even features all of the growly-voice goodness of any decent MJ song, and we're thanking our lucky stars that our favorite FOX characters won't make the legend -- or his fans -- stir when they lay it down on prime time television.

Well done, 'Glee.'

Listen to 'Glee' Cast, 'Black or White'