This holiday season, cozy up with Kurt, Blaine and the rest of the 'Glee' gang and don't worry about what's happening outside -- in fact, 'Let It Snow.'

On their new Christmas album, 'Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2,' the whole FOX cast gets a chance to shine like the night stars, but 'Let It Snow' is left for the lovebirds Kurt and Blaine to duet on. This is the second time that the New Directions couple have flurried up a 'Glee' Christmas track; this one follows last year's 'Baby, It's Cold Outside.'

If you can believe it, the gleeked version of this 1940s Christmas classic is jollier than all of the others that preceded it. The boys' voices so perfectly compliment one another as they sing in unison, "When we finally kiss goodnight / 
How I'll hate going out in the storm!
 / But if you'll really hold me tight / All the way home I'll be warm." (They are just teenagers, after all.)

We love the oomph and vigor that Blaine and Kurt bring to this track, livening it up just in time for Christmas 2011. We just hope that Santa Ryan Murphy will bring us a sparkling new holiday episode this year! The 'Glee' Christmas album drops in full on Nov. 15.

Listen to 'Glee' Cast, 'Let It Snow'