Chord Overstreet will return to episode of eight of 'Glee.' That's merely four episodes away so anticipation for the character's return is rampant, especially since reports over the summer indicated that Overstreet would not be returning as a series regular and would be instead focusing on his musical career. But with Overstreet's return as Sam Evans comes another character: his mother!

E! Online reveals that the show is currently casting Evans' mother. E! also reports that a source close to the situation says that casting directors for TV's hottest show are looking for a blonde or a brunette in her 40s to step into Ma Evans' well-heeled shoes! The character's trials and tribulations took place off-screen during season two of 'Glee' and now Gleeks will get to finally make her acquaintance in the flesh, so to speak.

E! offered suggestions on who should play Evans' mother. Our favorite of their suggestions are funny lady (and wife of 'Knocked Up' producer Judd Apatow) Leslie Mann and 'Saturday Night Live' star Kristen Wiig. The casting directors certainly have their work cut out for them and we're confident that they will pull off a casting coup when they find the right actress to assume the part.

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