Chris Colfer, who stars as Kurt on 'Glee,' is not just a pretty face -- he's got the skills to match. The 20-year-old actor is putting his creativity into writing the pilot for a new Disney Channel show, 'The Little Leftover Witch.'

'The Little Leftover Witch,' which is based on a children's book by Florence Laughlin, will follow a witch who is adopted by a new family after her broom breaks mid-flight and she crashes to the ground.

In addition to pitching childrens' shows, Colfer is working on writing for -- and starring in -- an independent feature called 'Struck By Lightning.' "It's very strange to be so active behind the camera (taking meetings, making calls, etc.)," he says. "I held a meeting in my trailer once during the 'Rocky Horror’ episode, so I was in complete Riff-Raff make-up. I don’t think anyone took me seriously."

Both of Colfer's behind-the-scenes projects are still TBA, with 'Struck By Lightning' anticipated sometime in 2012.