Chris Colfer will take his gleaming grin to the big screen -- the 'Glee' star is set to appear in 'Struck by Lightning,' a film he also wrote.

"It’s the most exciting and the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done," Colfer admits. "It’s very strange to be so active behind the camera (taking meetings, making calls, etc.). I held a meeting in my trailer once during the 'Rocky Horror' episode, so I was in complete Riff-Raff make-up. I don’t think anyone took me seriously."

Producer David Permut will have a hand in the film, as will 'Saved!' director Brian Dannelly. "We’re casting my character’s parents right now (which feels like reverse adoption)," Colfer spills, adding that filming for 'Struck by Lighting' will kick off the day after the 'Glee' live tour draws to a close. "I wrote it for the kids in high school who are overachieving in their own right and under-appreciated for it, just like I was."

The 20-year-old gay actor, best known for his role as Kurt on 'Glee,' scoffs when people say he should worry whether he will be given -- or not given -- roles based on his sexuality. "When you’re a gay actor it’s the first fear they tell you you’re supposed to have, but I don’t have it because I know my own capabilities as an actor," he says. "I always laugh when I read things that say 'he’s good on 'Glee' but he’ll never be the lead in a romantic comedy.' Is that supposed to be the goal? I’d rather play someone mentally unstable who’s being possessed in 18th century Prague any day. It’d be much more enjoyable!"

He adds, "I think the first mistake is waiting around for roles to be given to you. Actors of any orientation should get out there and create opportunities for themselves. I’ve never been good at sitting still."

The release date for 'Struck by Lightning' is still TBA, but expected in 2012.