The all-new 'Comeback' episode of 'Glee' hits Tuesday -- and as Rachel attempts to make the comeback into a higher social standing, Sam will bring you the sensual sounds of his much-anticipated Justin Bieber tribute band -- and rumor has it that Sue will join glee club.

While Rachel and Brittany try to up their cool points, Sam forms a Justin Bieber tribute group with Puck, Artie and Mike Chang. He's already got the hair down -- now Sam and his crew will suit up in matching hoodies to make a complete Bieber transformation in this Bieber-ific episode of 'Glee,' which will feature two songs from the 16-year-old teen idol.

The 'Comeback' episode of 'Glee' will also feature the Waitresses 'I Know What Boys Like,' courtesy of newcomer Lauren Zizes, a New Directions performance of My Chemical Romance's 'Sing,' and 'Take Me or Leave Me' from RENT.

‘Comeback’ Song List:
- Sam, ‘Baby’ (Justin Bieber)
- Sam, Puck, Artie, Mike Chang, ‘Somebody to Love' (Justin Bieber)
- Lauren Zizes, ‘I Know What Boys Like' (The Waitresses)
- New Directions, ‘Sing' (My Chemical Romance)
- Rachel and Mercedes, ‘Take Me or Leave Me' (RENT)