Everyone is anxious for 'Glee' to hit the TV screen for a whole new semester, but when is 'Glee' coming back for Season 3?

The answer: Sept. 20. Rachel, Finn, Quinn, Kurt, Blaine ... The whole gang will return to FOX in a handful of days, and we can hardly contain our excitement for the season premiere episode.

Based on what we know so far, it seems like Season 3 will be one for the books. While sadly, Sam won't be coming back this fall, Mercedes is getting a new football star boyfriend, and Samuel Larsen and Damian McGinty from 'The Glee Project' will also be popping in as new characters. Plot-wise, it seems Rachel will have to decide how much that kiss she laid on Finn in the season finale means to her, and whether she'll pursue another relationship with him. Kurt is back with New Directions, but he and Blaine the Warbler are better than ever, so we're thrilled to watch their love blossom this season. As for Artie/Brittany/Tina/Mike/Santana, we're sure they'll swap around just like every other year, but that's high school, right?

We all know what keeps us tuning into 'Glee,' though, and it's the songs! We put together a whole list of tunes we hope to hear in Season 3, and based on our predictions, they'll fit perfectly into the forecast story line. Sure, the show is planning to go "back to basics" and away from so many Top 40 covers, but we hope that Gavin DeGraw, Lil Wayne and Demi Lovato won't be left in the dust. And can you imagine Rachel belting Sara Bareilles' 'Uncharted'? We think that's a perfect fit for what's going on in her typically nutty brain!

This time around, 'Glee' sits in its regular time spot just like the past two seasons -- Tuesdays on FOX at 8PM ET -- so you have no excuse not to tune in! Don't fret, though, if you miss an episode you can pop over to PopCrush for a recap immediately following!