'Glee' paid a brief but moving tribute in a title card to Cory Monteith this week, but the series is planning a much larger-scale send off for the actor who was taken too soon. It was debated whether or not they should address the drug addiction that killed Monteith within the episode, but producers ultimately decided to touch on the rather touchy topic.

Billboard reports that Fox execs plan on a somewhat upbeat episode surrounding Monteith as well as his character, Finn Hudson, but also showing how duplicitous drug problems may be for some suffering from addiction.

"You see some people struggling with addiction, it's clear: `He was dark, she was always a partier,'" Fox Entertainment Chairman Kevin Reilly said. "Cory was a big, open, wonderful life force. He wasn't like that." Reilly acknowledged that Monteith was open about his previous struggles with substance abuse, but that the star wasn't "as open about it in the present."

The tribute will be the third 'Glee' episode to air this season, following two Beatles-themed episodes. Proceeds from the music sales of Monteith's tribute episode will be donated to a fund honoring the fallen actor.