Selena Gomez is about to get her first 'Glee' cover. E! Online is reporting that Gomez's hit 'Love You Like a Love Song' will be featured on the show's prom episode.

A source on the set says the episode featuring the Gomez cover was filmed last week, and Lea Michele gets to perform the track. How cute -- it seems that Rachel loves Finn like a love song! The source called Michele's performance "really powerful." We're betting it's a lot better than James Franco's cover of the song!

Few other spoilers have emerged yet for the prom episode, though Damian McGinty did mention the filming of a "really cool number." Michele tweeted several times last week about filming the prom episode, ending with this post on April 5: "Longest. Prom. Ever." 'Glee' returns tomorrow (Apr. 10) from its lengthy hiatus with the 'Big Brother' episode featuring Matt Bomer.

'Love You Like a Love Song' was released as a single last summer and has never gone away, reaching its peak chart position just last month. The tune from the Selena Gomez & the Scene album 'When the Sun Goes Down' appears on the list of iTunes' top-selling singles.