The third season of 'Glee' kicks off today (Sept. 20) and series creator Ryan Murphy is feeling positive about the show. 'The Glee Project' kept the show in the forefront of fans' minds in between Season 2 and now.

And the Murphy-generated controversy surrounding the show's cast (when he suggested that major, beloved characters, such as Lea Michele's Rachel, would be written out at the end of Season 3 after their graduation), is in the rear view and the producer is looking forward to a great season.

"I feel great about it again" was how Murphy summed up his emotions as Season 3 looms, according to NME.

He also wasn't shy about addressing his big mouthed mistake, either.

"I will never again say people are leaving," Murphy said about his verbal faux pas which caused plenty of drama, especially since it was suggested that Murphy made those comments before the actors themselves even knew their fate. "It just snowballed. It took a turn and got nasty ... I think fans resented it."

Um, yeah! Even though there were reports that Michele and other "graduating" actors would be a part of a spinoff or remain on the show as teachers, nothing has been revealed, confirmed or set in stone and judging from Murphy's comments about speaking publicly and out of turn, don't expect any advance notice about what will be happening come Season 4 until things are cemented and irreversible!

Whatever the case, Season 3 is upon us. PopCrush can't wait.