Darren Criss may be cool and collected as Blaine on 'Glee,' but in real life, Criss was not afraid to let loose and be a fan boy in the presence of Lady Gaga.

Criss was in the presence of Mother Monster at the Trevor Live benefit, and he wasn't ashamed to admit that he and a bunch of A-list actresses were all beyond stoked waiting for Gaga to make a backstage appearance. She was on hand to accept the Trevor Hero Award, which she received due to her efforts in supporting the gay youth of today.

Criss told Billboard about that starstruck night, saying, "Myself, Amy Adams and Rashida (Jones), a bunch of us were sitting like 12-year-old girls, because we knew Stefani Germanotta, Lady Gaga, was going to walk in." Yeah, Darren, Gaga has that affect on people.

He continued, "We all just kind of casually played it off like we weren't waiting, but then we all said to each other, 'We're all waiting because Lady Gaga is coming in here, right?'" Well, duh.

The TV star did not get a chance to nab some one-on-one time with Gaga, but he was still in awe of her. He said, "We just kind of gawked in silent wonderment. She came in with her stilts and her crew of many, and we all had a really lovely moment together. It was like watching an eclipse."

Sounds about right to us!