The cast of 'Glee' is taking its gig as the spokespeople for Vogue's Fashion Night Out seriously and to the next level. In this 30-second promo clip, the attractive and well-dressed cast shows off its fashionable side.

Don't you just love Lea Michele's sparkly, silvery dress? Or all that fire engine red lipstick that other female cast members paint their pouts with? Michele is the standout and centerpiece of the clip, so it's not far removed from the actual show.

Even better, the crew sings David Bowie's 'Fashion' while dancing and dressing up. It's good to be a 'Glee' cast member. Thanks to the couture clothing and the song that they perform, all of the requisite drama of a fashion show and the catwalk is captured in this fun clip, which manages not to take itself too seriously.

The cast is wearing the same attire from their Vogue shoot, so they must have knocked the shoot and promo clip out in one fell swoop. That's what happens when you star on the hottest scripted show on TV.

Fashion Night Out takes place on Sept. 8.

Watch 'Glee' Cast Fashion Night Out Promo Clip