Christmas comes early this year! Next week, 'Glee' will deck the halls of McKinley High in their third-annual holiday episode, 'Extraordinary Merry Christmas' -- and you know that means loads of Christmas singalongs.

We're uber excited for the upcoming episode, which will be an episode inside of an episode inside of an episode. Didn't follow that? Well, not only will the hit FOX show pay tribute to famous Christmas specials of the past with a 'Star Wars' theme, but New Directions will also get the chance of a lifetime: to be featured on a holiday special!

With the Troubletones no more, and the whole glee club gang back together as one, we can't even anticipate all of the 'glee'-ful happenings that will come down our chimney. The gang will perform a 'Glee' original, the show's title track 'Extraordinary Merry Christmas,' and Christmas classics like 'Little Drummer Boy,' 'Let It Snow' and 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' will also be featured. And, Rory (Damian McGinty) will get another chance to show off his vocal chords in the seasonal show.

Compared to normal episodes, there are a ton of songs rumored to be showing their faces in the holiday ep, but given that it's still an hour long, we'll have to wait and see what happens. We can't help but point out, however, that Mercedes is due to sing Mariah Carey's hit holiday song ... Which makes us wonder whether it'll be directed at Sam, who just returned to McKinley. What boyfriend, right Mercedes?

'Extraordinary Merry Christmas' airs Tuesday, Dec. 13 on FOX.

'Glee' 'Extraordinary Merry Christmas' Episode Song List:
- Artie, 'Little Drummer Boy' (K.K.Davis)
- Kurt and Blaine, 'Let It Snow' (Frank Sinatra)
- Rachel and Blaine, 'Extraordinary Merry Christmas' ('Glee' original)
- Mercedes, 'All I Want for Christmas Is You' (Mariah Carey)
- Santana, 'Santa Baby' (Eartha Kitt)
- New Directions, 'Do They Know It's Christmas? (Feed the World)' (Band Aid)
- Rory, 'Blue Christmas' (Elvis Presley)
- Brittany, 'Christmas Wrapping' (The Waitresses)
- Rachel, 'River' (Joni Mitchell)