Pop culture worlds are colliding when the cast of 'Glee' takes on Psy's smash hit 'Gangnam Style' in an upcoming episode. "You know we had to do it," says actor Kevin McHale in a video clip that offers a sneak peek of the performance.

The clip opens with McHale, Darren Criss and Jenna Ushkowitz directly addressing fans by saying that the teaser is meant as a thank you to fans for being patient during the show's month-long hiatus. Viewers are then treated to footage of the cast rehearsing the 'Gangnam Style' dance. There's a whole lot of invisible horse riding and fist pumping as the actors learn the dance moves.

The clip also includes a short peek at the polished version of the dance shot for the episode. The cast's re-creation of the dance is impressive, especially on the part of the female actors, who perform the routine while wearing heels.

The only problem Criss and McHale have is trying to come up with a suitable nickname for its Glee-does-Gangnam scene. "Gleengham style?," Criss asks. "It doesn't work... I tried."

The next episode of 'Glee' airs on Nov. 8 at 9PM ET on FOX. Criss says the 'Gangnam Style' episode will air in late November.