'Glee' star Harry Shum Jr. -- he plays the former "other Asian" Mike Chang -- is quite photogenic and fond off showing off his hard-earned, six-pack abs. However, in a new spread in GQ, Shum is a sharp-dressed men, modeling winter wear like gray wool suits, cozy coats and more. If you have to cover up and pile on the layers, then doing it with style and fashion in mind is the way to go.

Ladies, Shum isn't completely covered up in the shots. There is an image of him with an unbuttoned, tailored pink shirt where you can catch a glimpse of that rock hard washboard. He's also averting his gaze, lending an air of mystery to the show.

In his chat with the men's mag, the actor/dancer reveals that he is actually quite shy. "I'd rather dance in a corner than dance in a circle," he said. Well, singing and dancing on national TV on a beloved series like 'Glee' can certainly cure shyness, that's for sure!

In case you weren't aware, he also honed his fluid, flexible dance skills dancing on a Beyonce tour way back when! Shum, a self-professed gadget nerd, also danced in Apple's silhouette commercials!

Watch a Video of Harry Shum Jr. Dancing at His GQ Photo Shoot