Even though it was not officially the annual Christmas episode, tonight's 'Hold On to Sixteen' episode of 'Glee' really got us into the holiday spirit. Not only did Sam (Chord Overstreet) return to the show to help his former glee club win at Sectionals, but the Troubletones girls found their way back home to the New Directions.

Knowing that they'd need a miracle to win at Sectionals, Rachel and Finn set out to find their missing piece. They picked up Sam 'performing' at a raunchy dive bar -- in other words, dancing half naked to help make money for his family. After a little convincing, they pulled him back to McKinley High and it was like he never left.

Sam helped New Directions dominate at Sectionals, leaving Mercedes, Brittany, Santana and the rest of the Troubletones in the dust in second place. Still, despite the excitement from the big win, it was obvious something was missing. Quinn, who came to her senses and matured greatly in the 'Hold On to Sixteen' episode, made it her goal to bring the whole glee club back together and was more than successful in the end.

The episode drew to a close with a fun. performance -- the gang singing 'We are Young' together in the auditorium, which truly melted our hearts. On Dec. 13, the real Christmas episode of 'Glee,' 'Extraordinary Merry Christmas,' will air and we're thrilled to be warmed up and extra toasty well in advance.