Mercedes' new boyfriend on 'Glee' has been cast! While we're still heartbroken over Sam's forthcoming Season 3 departure -- and admittedly confused by the plot hole left by the Season 2 finale episode -- we're excited that the sassiest New Directions singer will finally meet her mate.

The match? 'Friday Night Lights' star LaMarcus Tinker, of course! We'll refrain from comments about how they're one another's physical counterparts.

LaMarcus will play the part of Marcus, who executive producer Brad Falchuk says will be like Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character in 'Jerry Maguire.' "He’s this Big Bubba kind of guy and he encourages her to want more for herself," Falchuk revealed last month at Comic-Con. "That drives her arc into the next half of the season."

Not only will Marcus match-up with Mercedes, he'll take on rival teams as the new lineman for the McKinley High Titans. Let's go 'Glee'!

Season 3 kicks off on September 20.