Tuesday on 'Glee,' New Directions will 'Hold On to Sixteen' -- and to Michael Jackson's memory. During the Sectionals competition, the New Directions boys will do some serious justice to the powerful 1988 smash, 'Man in the Mirror.'

Even in Rachel's absence (she was suspended for stuffing the ballot box in Kurt's favor), we have a feeling that our favored glee club will come out on top, and this MJ cover proves that the team will surely give the other singing groups a run for their money.

While the New Directions girls do get a voice in the song, they serve only as background vocals -- this rendition is all man ... Or boy, anyway. Really, it's unfathomable what can happen when Finn and Blaine work together!

We'd never go as far as to say this track is on par with Jackson's original, but it surely sparkles like only 'Glee' can do with a cover song. Throughout the episode, the entire Jackson family will get a serious nod with covers of Jackson 5's 'ABC' and Janet Jackson's 'Control' also getting some air time.

The 'Hold On to Sixteen' episode of 'Glee' airs Tuesday (Dec. 6) on FOX.

Listen to 'Glee' Cast, 'Man in the Mirror'