This is no 'Glee' track -- Matthew Morrison debuted his new single, 'Summer Rain,' on the Ryan Seacrest show this morning -- but as himself, not his glee club coach character Will Schuester.

"I cant believe it's actually in the world now, so thank you for playing that," Morrison told Seacrest -- adding that he no longer blushes when he hears the sexual, Jason Mraz sounding song.

The lyrics to the summery, catchy single are pretty overtly sexual -- especially in the chorus, when Morrison talks of touching his girl on her lady parts while the rain pours down on them:

"Your eyes are begging me to touch you there / Could be a thousand people watching but we don't care / But look at you tonight / So beautiful under these neon lights / Who needs Lovers Lane / Right up on this rooftop / Let's make love / In the summer rain / In the summer rain."

The TV celeb admits that with his solo music debut he, "kind of wanted to stay a little bit away from 'Glee'" and covers songs, and realizes that "to be taken really seriously as an artist I had to write my own songs" -- so that's what he did.

Morrison also revealed that even though he's busier than a typical recording artist, he's planning to do a world tour of his solo project from May to July, with the bigger chunk of July to be spent in the U.S.

Listen to Matthew Morrison, 'Summer Rain'