With the Season 3 premiere of 'Glee' set for Sept. 20, FOX and the rest of the cast and crew from the show are promoting the sitcom with a series of hilarious/amazing mock yearbook photos. All of the recurring cast members are present in the McKinley High yearbook, with each of the photos giving a glimpse into the personality of their characters for 'Glee' newcomers.

In the fake yearbook photos, members of the 'Glee' cast take their turns posing in front of either a cheesy blue background or a red theater curtain, making the pictures that much more believable. Lea Michele poses as Rachel Berry, who wears a conservative striped dress as she gazes off into the distance, almost like she is about to belt out a ballad into her gold microphone. Cory Monteith poses as Finn, who is looking like the all-American jock as he grasps a football and flashes a toothy grin. Chris Colfer looks contemplative as he sits on a stool dressed as Kurt (he appears to be writing some sort of script or song), while Heather Morris dresses up as Brittany, who is sharing secrets with a stuffed unicorn.

Scroll through all of these creative and comical yearbook photos of the 'Glee' stars and let us know which 'Glee' character is your absolute favorite. Be sure to tune in to the season premiere of 'Glee,' which airs on Sept. 20 on FOX at 8PM EST.