Glee’ is first and foremost about change and growth, with this episode taking the theme and literally running with it. Three cast members receive perception-altering makeovers which change their peers’ views on them in the political lime-light, and for one character, in her love life.

Brittany (Heather Morris) receives a mental and physical makeover from Artie (Kevin McHale), helping her prepare for an upcoming debate so she won’t make a fool of herself. At the same time, Blaine (Darren Criss) literally transforms his running mate Sam (Chord Overstreet), giving him more conservative clothes while he and Brittany sing Hole’s ‘Celebrity Skin’. The song opens with the obvious line, “Oh, make me over…” while the duo are transformed by their partners.

In New York, Kurt (Chris Colfer) and his new boss Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker) give Rachel (Lea Michele) a makeover so her classmates won’t tease her. With new clothes she is given a new take on life and uses her new-found personality to further woo love-interest Brody (Dean Geyer). They also sing the transformative song ‘A Change Would Do You Good’ by Sheryl Crow.

Change has already been explored this season in ‘The New Rachel’ and ‘Britney 2.0’, but this episode moves some of the focus onto the guys. Whether the changes will stick is another matter entirely.