The ‘Glee Live! In Concert' Tour officially kicked off Saturday night in Las Vegas, just prior to last night's big 'New York' 'Glee' Season 2 finale, and all of the best cast members were there to light up the stage.

Our favorite New Directions -- Mercedes, Puck, Finn, Rachel, Quinn, Sam, Brittany, Kurt, Tina and so on -- shook their stuff and sang it out at the Mandalay Bay Events Center, much to the delight of the lucky gleeks in attendance.

If you can make it out to a stop on the 16-city live tour, you should, because it will be awhile before Season 3 picks back up on FOX, and who wants to wait all summer? Thankfully, during last night's big Nationals episode, we got a boatload of new information to sit on until game time.

Despite the fact that, after all of their hard work, the kids didn't take home the trophy in the big city competition -- or even place in the Top 10 -- they came home happy, for the most part. This fall, we'll see Finchel 2.0, as well as a Will/Emma rekindle, and um, Mercedes and Sam are now officially an item. Kurt and Blaine are in love, as are Brittany and Santana, in a sense, and as for us, we're just smitten that everyone was able to sort out their differences before we had to say goodbye.

Can't make it out to a show? No worries, they're making a 3D movie theater experience out of the in-person performances. ‘Glee Live! 3D!’ opens in theaters on Aug. 12.