When 'Glee' character Quinn (portrayed by Dianna Agron) was impregnated on the show, she decided to give her baby up for adoption, only to quickly revert her decision after the child was adopted. Now, a real-life adoptive mother is expressing serious concern about the way in which adoption has been portrayed by 'Glee' and is requesting that the sitcom's creator, Ryan Murphy, address the issue in a PSA. 

According to the LA Times, Amber Austin has started a petition on Change.org in order to put the 'Glee' adoption controversy to rest. Austin said that Agron's character on 'Glee,' Quinn, is trying "actively (and with malice)" to get her baby back from Shelby (played by Idina Menzel), who is Rachel Berry's mother on the show.

Austin is arguing that 'Glee' has offered a misleading portrayal of adoption with their plot, saying that 'Glee' makes it seem as if any person who gives their baby up for adoption has the right to attempt to get their baby back. The LA Times says that Austin feels as if the show "perpetuates one of the most pervasive and harmful myths about adoption: that a birth mother can take a child away from a family or pop back into the child's life."

"I'm horrified at how the show has handled this," said Austin. "It's inaccurate, and puts forth a perspective that can cause real harm with adoptive parents."

Austin is now requesting that Ryan Murphy create a public service announcement addressing the controversy surrounding adoption on his show. She wants 'Glee' fans to know that the show isn't accurate with their account of adoption and to spread awareness about the truths behind the process.