'Glee' is stoking out fans with a two-hour event, which includes two episodes, 'Props' and 'Nationals.' Now Gleeks can catch a sneak peek of what's in store.

In a new promo for the double-episode on May 15, New Directions are all business. They're going to Nationals and won't accept a loss. Rachel tells Finn, "We have to win it. There's really no other alternative."

We see shots of the girls singing Lady Gaga's 'Edge of Glory' dressed in red-and-black halter dresses, and get a glimpse of a heart-to-heart between some of the members backstage. "Start together, end together," Santana says. Brittany adds, "Just the way it should be."

Of course, fans finally get to see the highly anticipated character-swap episode in which the members trade roles with each other. The first episode kicks off with an imaginary situation that takes place in Tina's head after she suffers a head injury. From the looks of these photos, audiences are in for a treat with the role swaps.

The double-header will air on Fox next week, and just one more episode remains in the third season. With a title like 'Goodbye' we're sure the finale will be a tearjerker, but first the New Directions crew needs to take on Nationals.

Watch the 'Glee' Promo for 'Props' and 'Nationals'