'Glee' doesn't tolerate bullying, and that includes calling people 'retarded.' In a new public service announcement aired during the Season 2 finale, the hit FOX show, with the help of Becky and Sue, took a stand against the unacceptable 'R' word.

This powerful video message touches on some sensitive topics, like racism and prejudice, but all boils down to one thing: Getting people to stop saying 'retarded' when they mean silly or dumb.

"It's not acceptable to call me a retard, or call you or your friends retarded when they do something foolish," Becky (Lauren Potter), who has Down's Syndrome, stresses. "The 'R' word is the same as every minority slur," Sue (Jane Lynch) adds. "Treat it that way, and don't use it."

We at PopCrush support this message, and believe it's always wise to think before you speak and spread the word to end the word!

Watch the 'Glee' Anti-'R' Word PSA