'Glee' returned Tuesday for the much-anticipated post-Thanksgiving episode, 'I Kissed a Girl,' and you know PopCrush has your recap of all the juicy details!

Of course, FOX had to address the big jaw-dropper from the 'Mash Off' episode, when Santana slapped Finn across the face. Given McKinley High's zero-tolerance policy for physical violence, Principal Figgins started this week's show off with a bang, saying Santana would be suspended for two weeks, and thus out for Sectionals the following week. But Finn quickly came to her rescue and said that she only stage-slapped him and didn't actually hit him. Truthfully, he just wants Sectionals to be a fair fight and to bring her back to the glee club, as it's either that or two weeks eating potato chips at home.

'I Kissed a Girl' also brought the end of the (class) presidential elections, and early on, when Kurt learns he's trailing Brittany, he considers considers stuffing the ballot box -- aka cheating -- to snag the big title. Finn's idea to bring his glee team back together and up Santana's spirits with an assignment falls flat after starting with a duet performance of Pink's ‘F—in’ Perfect’ by Kurt and Blaine. As expected, the ice queen Santana is not moved.

Sue is still aiming to win her place in office, but she thinks she needs a little arm candy to prove that she's a sucker for men. Meanwhile, Beiste is still head over heels for her fellow football coach Cooter, and it's not until later that we realize that the evil cheerleading coach is using him to make it known she's not just another Ellen, so to speak. Beiste approaches her crush and co-worker having dinner in a restaurant, but when Sue leaves the table, Beiste and her man approach the subject and shockingly, we learn that he feels as let down as she did about the whole thing. Throughout the episode, Sue continues to taunt and rub her new man in Beiste's face, which prompts the coach to deliver a heartfelt cover of Dolly Parton's 'Jolene' while she walks through the halls with her eyes on Sue's activity. This is only the second time that we've heard the sensitive football coach sing, and the first time she's soloed all around, but after tonight's powerful number, we hope to hear more in the future.

Back in the choir room, Puck delivers an even rockier copy of ‘I’m the Only One’ (Melissa Etheridge), singing pretty much directly to Ms. Corcoran, though everyone else seems to think he's delivering his praises to Quinn, as she's seated right in front of teacher on the bleachers. Later, the blonde tells Puck he needs to get his eyes checked and he tells her back, "That song is mostly about babysitting to me." L-O-L. In an effort to win him over with her private parts, Quinn invites her baby daddy over for sex and he denies very explicitly.

After another heart-to-heart in the hallway, as Finn begged Santana not to become an It Gets Better statistic, he hit up the piano in the choir room for a super-slowed down and somewhat sad rendition of Cyndi Lauper's ‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ with help from Artie, Puck, Mike Chang and Rory, which finally gets her smiling through tears. Success!

Later, when a sophomore jock gets in Santana's face in the hall, all of the girls -- Rachel, Brittany, Quinn and Mercedes -- come to her rescue, saying essentially, "so what if we are all a bunch of lesbos?" And with that, they started into the episode's title track, the Katy Perry fame-maker, 'I Kissed a Girl,' which ended in cheers from the glee club. Santana admitted openly and honestly to her close friends, thankfully, that she came out to her parents and all went well, though she still had to break the news to grams.

As we all know, cheaters never prosper. That's why when Principal Figgins called Kurt to the office, well, we weren't terribly surprised that he would get into trouble. There's a lesson here, kids! You see, there ended up being more ballots in his favor than seniors, but Porcelain swears he didn't cheat, even if it looks bad. As it turns out, Rachel did it because she can't bear NYC without him, but she doesn't want to come forward and get suspended... even to save Kurt.

Puck gets a call, in class, from Shelby, and rushes out. Next thing we know, he's in the hospital asking about baby Beth, who apparently slipped and sent her bottom tooth straight through her lip. Like a true father figure, Puck wants a plastic surgeon to look at the cut, and somehow, things jump from the waiting room to Shelby's house, where we find the parenting pair in her bedroom. It seems teacher has come around from wanting to avoid physical contact, as she and the student are extra cozy in bed perhaps post-coitus.

Finally, Santana comes out to her 'abuelita' (grandmother) in the kitchen at home. She tells her grandma just how important she is to her, and leads slowly into her secret, admitting, "I love girls the way that I'm supposed to feel about boys." Sadly, her grandmother is not accepting of what she calls her "choice," adding, "Everyone has secrets, Santana. They're called secrets for a reason." In a truly sad moment, the abuelita tells Santana to leave the house -- and that never wants to see her again.

'Glee' doesn't give us a break in this ep. In yet another heavy moment, Puck finds himself in Quinn's bed, but he quickly realizes that she just wants to make another baby to replace Beth, not to be intimate. They have a deep talk and find themselves just snuggling rather than reproducing, and he decides to come clean about Shelby.

When Sue comes in third place in her election, Beiste wants to know how things will unravel for her and Cooter, who she says she's now in love with and she says she won't go down without a fight.

Tonight's 'I Kissed a Girl' episode came to a close in the choir room, where Kurt delivers Brittany's crown, congratulating her. Will asked Santana to "bring us home" with a song that brings her strength, and she pulled the curtains with a performance of K.D. Lang's 'Constant Craving' with help from Shelby (and a little from Kurt) -- or so we thought.

In the final few seconds, as promised, Rachel comes in to tell the class that she corrupted the elections, which has her suspended for a week -- and banned from competing at Sectionals.