With the presidential election year in full swing, ‘Glee’ embraces the red, white and blue with a run for senior class president by Brittany (Heather Morris) and Blaine (Darren Criss). Joined by Artie (Kevin McHale) and Sam (Chord Overstreet) respectively, political jokes abound and a few cast members get a perception altering makeover.

The episode opens with Blaine planning out his senior year, with a montage of him singing Tears for Fears’ ‘Everybody Wants to Rule the World’ while signing up for a variety of random clubs. As we learn, he is not doing it to pad out his college resume but to distract him from the absence of boyfriend Kurt (Chris Colfer). Seeing only Brittany’s name on one of the sign-up lists, Blaine makes the decision to run for senior class president.

Kurt has an interview with Vogue.com Senior Editor Isabelle Klempt (Sarah Jessica Parker). Despite being a famous fashion mogul, she is down to earth and inspired by Kurt’s fashion sense and motivation. She hires him on the spot for the internship.

Brittany asks Artie to be her running mate, and he is only convinced when she promises he can make all the important decisions. She officially announces Artie’s status to the glee club, saying it will help get her the “robot vote,” and Blaine voices his concern that the election should be about platforms over popularity.

Meanwhile, Mr. Schuester (Mathew Morrison) is having trouble coming up with ideas for new songs for the glee club. Sue (Jane Lynch) hears his concerns about Sectionals themes and suggests he find another job -- specifically because he has peaked as a teacher since helping the group win Nationals.

Upset that he was not picked as her running partner, Brittany suggests Sam be Blaine’s vice presidential candidate. She also challenges the new duo to a debate, which Sam and Blaine readily accept.

At Vogue, a meeting about leather is not going well when Isabelle dislikes all the ideas the staff members have to offer. Inside her office, Kurt tries to sway her away from the leather idea and she reveals to him that she has trouble telling her staff members no. She worries she will lose her job and Kurt attempts to cheer her up.

Artie tells Brittany that people are only coming to the debate in hopes that she will say something stupid. He helps her out by practicing possible debate questions while Blaine gives Sam a new look. Brittany and Sam sing ‘Celebrity Skin’ by Hole while they are given political makeovers.

While Mr. Schuester is having problems finding his place on the Regionals rule creating committee, he learns the arts are in danger in Ohio. Despite his devotion to the New Directions, he knows he must help out the state.

Kurt has a plan to stop Rachel (Lea Michele) from being teased by her classmates, which involves taking her to the Vogue offices and breaking into the couture vault. Isabelle shows up and finds them, but rather than be angry, she’s so excited by the makeover prospect that the three of them sing ‘The Way You Look Tonight’ / ‘You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile’ by Fred Astaire and the musical ‘Annie.' Kurt records the whole thing with hopes to make it into a music video for the Vogue website.

Mr. Schuester talks to Emma (Jayma Mays) about joining a panel to help improve the arts around the state, worried because he would have to leave the school for a few months to do it. She encourages him to live by example and follow his own dreams for the kids.

Then it’s onto the debate, led in the auditorium by Sue. Where Artie is long-winded, Sam entertains the crowd by performing a strip tease when asked if he is bothered by his past. Blaine promises to end the tyranny that is Brittany, and Brittany tells the assembled group that she loves McKinley so much she plans to end weekends and summer vacation so they can spend all their time in school.

Isabelle calls Kurt into her office and tells him that while they plan to re-shoot his makeover video, he will receive full credit for the idea. She proves that she can say no to her staff’s awful article ideas and invites Kurt to sit in on that day’s staff meeting.

Love is in the air for Brody (Dean Geyer) and Rachel, with Brody appreciating her new look and Rachel inviting him over to her studio for dinner. Of course this is after the duo sing Sheryl Crow’s ‘A Change Would Do You Good’ and gallivant around New York together to demonstrate Rachel’s changing feelings.

As expected, Blaine wins the class presidency and the school has a celebratory party at Breadsticks. He tries to call Kurt to tell him about the win, but Kurt declines the call in favor of continuing to talk to Isabelle and his new co-workers. Brittany congratulates Sam, who admits he voted for her and she cuddles up to him in their shared booth.

In Sue’s office, Will enters to tell her that he followed her advice and filled out the application. All he needs is a letter of recommendation. Surprisingly, she already has a letter ready, albeit a mostly fabricated one, that will help him move onto bigger and better things.

Rachel prepares for Brody’s arrival, attempting to cook for him. This ends poorly and the pair flirt over pizza. Not wanting to put pressure on her, Brody reminds Rachel that he can just be her friend, but she initiates a kiss. They are broken apart by a knock at the door, with Rachel assuming Kurt misplaced his keys. Imagine her shock when she opens the door and its’ none other than Finn (Cory Monteith) in his first season four appearance.