Disco might be dead, but as everyone in 'Glee' learns this week, the lessons of 'Saturday Night Fever' are alive and well. Everybody gets their chance to shine, and PopCrush has the full recap, spoiler and all.

The show opens on Blaine in a drab classroom, daydreaming of the stage lights and glamour that awaits him later in life. He's transported to the stage, and with the help of Brittany and Mike, sings 'You Should Be Dancing' by the Bee Gees.

After finishing the song with an awesome splits move, Blaine is asked by Mr. Schuester why he chose disco. The theme for nationals is "vintage," and while Blaine picked the song because of its energy, Will wants to take Glee back to the glory days of the '70s. He's concerned that a few of the club members -- namely Finn, Mercedes and Santana -- are going nowhere in life. Sue, who since last week's episode has been co-coaching, suggests that he assign songs from 'Saturday Night Fever' to get everybody out of their slump.

It looks like Kurt and Mercedes have their very own super fan. A young man named Wade (played by Alex from 'The Glee Project') approaches them for advice. Wade sings in Vocal Adrenaline and swears he isn't a spy, but he just needs some advice. Wade has a female alter ego named Unique, and he wants the courage to transform into her during the next Vocal Adrenaline performance. 'Glee' now has its first transgender.

Sue doesn't believe that Wade isn't spying, and gives them some fabulous shoes to give to him, saying that Unique's performance will ruin the reputation of Vocal Adrenaline.

As a kick in the pants for the Glee club, Sue and Will give them a tutorial in disco. After everyone joins them on a sparkling dance floor for a rendition of 'Night Fever' (the Bee Gees), Sue announces that the winners of a disco dance-off will win reproductions of the white Travolta suit from 'Saturday Night Fever.' Will picks Finn, Mercedes and Santana as the winners. Could this be his way of getting them out of their slump?

After finding out that Will picked her because he wants to inspire her, Mercedes is pissed. She sings 'Disco Inferno,' and tells Will that she does have a dream, but she's afraid of going out and grabbing it. She wants to move to L.A. and pursue fame, but she doesn't have the courage.

With Rachel and Finn still fighting, Finn is more conflicted than ever and tells Puck that he can't ride his coattails out to L.A.

Santana matches Mercedes' attitude, and after singing 'If I Can't Have You' by Yvonne Elliman, she tells the club that she too has dreams of fame, and doesn't care how she achieves it. Brittany takes this to heart, and posts a sex tape of her and Santana on YouTube for the whole school to see. She starts trying to get Santana to try out for reality TV shows, saying that if you want to be famous, that's what you've got to do. Santana might be rethinking her dream of fame after all.

Even though they're fighting, Rachel and Finn have been missing each other hard. They meet in the auditorium and Rachel tells Finn that they don't have to move to New York right away. After singing 'How Deep Is Your Love' by the Bee Gees, she gets Will and Emma to talk to him about colleges. Finn still thinks he's a loser, though, and throws all the college pamphlets in the trash. Will confronts him, and shows him 'Saturday Night Fever,' which is about a boy following his dream.

Kurt and Mercedes give Wade the fabulous sparkling shoes from Sue, but visit him before his performance, urging him not to sabotage his reputation. Kurt says that he never compromised who he was, but also never put on a dress, and Wade tells him "that's because you identify as a man." Unique takes the stage in the shoes, full makeup, and a dress, and she looks fantastic. Backed by Vocal Adrenaline, she sings 'Boogie Shoes' (K.C. and the Sunshine Band) and looks awesome doing it. Of course, she kills it and everyone goes nuts.

Finn invites Rachel to the choir room to tell her that he figured out what he wants to do, and after singing 'More Than a Woman' (the Bee Gees), he tells her that New York is his dream, too. He wants to be an actor, and 'Saturday Night Fever' showed him that it's possible. "I'm not scared anymore," he tells her, "because of you."

Sam approaches Mercedes, and shows her that he posted a video of her singing on YouTube. It appears that everyone on the Internet loves her, and maybe L.A. isn't just a dream after all. Sam and Mercedes finally share a kiss. They're back!

Sue is disappointed in the lengths that Santana would go to in order to be famous and has a surprise for her: she applied to the University of Louisville for her, and got her a full cheerleading scholarship. It was Brittany's idea, and Santana loves her for it.

Finn, Santana, and Mercedes, after realizing that they all have dreams, come into the choir room sporting their white suits. Will asks them what they want to do. "You know what I want to do," says Finn. "Strut." To 'Stayin Alive,' the whole Glee club dances disco. "Life's goin' nowhere," they sing. "Somebody help me." It seems that all these characters needed was a little help.