Tonight's 'New York' finale episode of 'Glee' was bittersweet, because while our favorite New Directions glee club put their hard work to the test at Nationals, it was still time for us gleeks to say goodbye to Season 2. PopCrush has your recap, down to the last detail!

Season 2, Episode 22 opened with big city excitement and an a capella version of Frank Sinatra's 'New York, New York,' as the small-town McKinley High kids explored their new diggs. In the hotel room, Brittany, Puck and Artie gave their peers the first 'Glee' original of the episode, a very silly 'My Cup.'

The club decided, against Will's instruction, to hit the city for original song inspiration. While out on the town, the group danced through the streets and Central Park while rocking an ensemble of one of their notorious mash-ups, Madonna's ‘I Love New York' with a full-blown version of 'New York, New York.'

Back in the boys' hotel room, Finn suggested a duet with Rachel, and Puck pressed him to ask her out ... again. Meanwhile, over in the girls' room, admist a pillow fight, Rachel got a text that Finn wants her to meet him in Central Park -- all dressed up. She agreed, and the pair dined together and walked the streets, falling for one another all over again. As they approached a street corner, the New Directions boys were waiting, and they delivered an accordion-accompanied ‘Bella Notte’ from 'Lady and the Tramp.' Unfortunately, when Finn went in for a kiss, Rachel didn't return the favor and puts an end to the date.

The next day, Kurt and Rachel went out on the town together, too, and snuck into the 'Wicked' set, where the security guard gave them 15 minutes to take the stage to duet before he kicked them out. Together, they performed ‘For Good' -- from 'Wicked,' naturally -- and connected over shared Big Apple dreams.

Quinn plotted to sabotage Nationals for everyone because she was mad that she had lost Finn to Rachel, and planned to tell Mr. Schue that Rachel and Kurt kept sneaking out of the hotel. Santana and Brittany talked her down from her ledge, and the three shared an emotional moment where Quinn let her tears fall.

To our surprise, Matthew Morrison got a chance to debut his true life song 'Still Got Tonight' on 'Glee,' with an impromptu performance in an empty theater, which only further pushed him toward his Broadway dreams -- or so we thought. News travels fast in New York City, and the Vocal Adrenaline coach spilled to the New Directions that their coach is headed for Broadway. But when they approach him, he put his foot down and decided not to leave after all.

After everything they've overcome in Season 2, it has all come down to Nationals. An all-girls choir club opened up the big competition with a fun rendition of Usher's 2004 hit, 'Yeah!,' and after making up with Rachel in the bathroom, Sunshine Corazon (Charice) took the stage and performed a larger-than-life 'Glee' original tune, 'As Long as You’re There’ for Vocal Adrenaline.

It was time for New Directions to make their first move, and Rachel and Finn spilled their feelings to one another behind the curtain -- and she admitted that, yes, she loves him, but that she can't give up her big city dreams for the small town boy. They dueted on the best 'Glee' original yet, a Finn-penned 'Pretending,' and the rest of the glee club took the stage behind them. At the end, we got our big unexpected kiss, as Rachel laid one on her true love and the room went completely silent. No time for feelings, though, because New Directions must blow away the competition -- and they did -- with an ensemble performance of their original 'Light Up the World,' which got a standing ovation.

But will the kiss ruin their chance at the Nationals title? Jesse St. James thought so, and Ryan Murphy did say that tonight's Season 2 finale would contain a kiss that changes everything. Unfortunately, that proved true -- New Directions didn't even make it into the running for the Top 10 places.

Back at home, Kurt shared the details of his trip with Blaine over coffee, and Season 2 drew to a close with yet another exchange of 'I love yous' -- but that's not all. Sam and Mercedes found themselves in the coffee shop, too, and it's there that we notice that they're holding hands. As for Santana and Brittany, no kiss, but they did share their love for one another as well, and Santana lets her guard down and told her blonde ditzy friend that she's actually pretty smart.

In the 'New York' episode of 'Glee,' Rachel and Finn united in a kiss that ruined everything for them at Nationals, but with everything else in play, Season 3 is lined up to be the biggest one yet. Finn and Rachel, Sam and Mercedes, Will and Emma ... we can't wait until the next school year! Who ever thought they'd say that?

Watch New Directions Perform ‘I Love New York / New York, New York'