Returning after a winter-break hiatus, 'Glee' is back on FOX with an episode that's all about taking gender roles and flipping them on their head: with a Sadie Hawkins' dance. You know, the dance where the girls ask the guys to the event that's never held in real life but seems to be in every high-school age sitcom at least once? That thing.

Sam (Chord Overstreet) and Blaine (Darren Criss) head to their first ever Student Council meeting while Sam spouts out his conspiracy theories about how the Warblers cheated to beat the New Directions at Sectionals.

At the meeting, Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) suggests they hold a Sadie Hawkin's dance so all the ladies finally have first choice in partners. She also suggests it would be empowering for the women to ask the guys for once. This was previously discussed (insert flashback) by the "Too Young to Be Bitter" club the day before at one of the eight thousand club meetings at McKinley. Tina pushes the motion through without Blaine's permission.

Kurt (Chris Colfer) is exploring the cliques on his first day at NYADA since Rachel (Lea Michele) is too busy spending time with Brody (Dean Geyer) and he decides to make his own friends by joining a school club. His eyes fall on a flyer for the NYADA show choir: Adam's Apples.

In the hallways, the boys of McKinley ponder the Sadie Hawkin's dance and question if their current situation is what it feels like to be a powerless girl.

Coach Beiste (Dot Jones) reminds Finn (Cory Monteith) that Sue (Jane Lynch) took over the choir room while Finn admits it's hard to keep the Glee club motivated without any competitions. She tells an anecdote about how her own Sadie Hawkins dance gave her the wherewithal to join the football team, and she suggests he use the dance as his upcoming lesson.

Finn announces that the assignment for the week is lady's choice, with the girls singing a song to the guy they want to ask to the dance. This of course limits them to only people from the Glee club.

We learn from Rachel that Brody stayed over and she tells Kurt not to join Adam's Apples unless he wants to be the underdog all over again. She warns that it could ruin his entire career.

Inside the locker room which they're borrowing, Tina sings 'I Don't Know How to Love Him' from 'Jesus Christ Superstar' to Blaine, complete with a montage about her falling for him. At the end of the song, she asks him to the dance and he declines as politely as possible. Awkward.

Kurt once again contemplates the choir poster when Adam of Adam's Apples approaches. He already knows who Kurt is -- having headhunted him of sorts -- and invites Kurt to join the group. He is reluctant at first, so Adam invites Kurt to watch the club perform. They sing a cover version of a cover of Sir Mix-A-Lot's 'Baby Got Back'.

Brittany (Heather Morris) talks to Marley (Melissa Benoist) about Jake (Jacob Artist) and how she's obviously interested in him. Brittany gives Marley some advice about her boy problems through song and the ladies perform 'Tell Him' by the Exciters. At the end of the song, Marley invites Jake to the dance and Brittany invites Sam. Both boys say yes.

Out in the hallway, Kitty (Becca Tobin) tells Jake to take her to the dance instead. In return, she'll have sex with him, a job she doesn't consider Marley to be up for if you get her thinly veiled reference.

Later on, Tina apologizes to Blaine and then asks for an apology for embarrassing her in front of their friends. He does, admitting that he turned her down because he has a crush on someone and he has no interest in being in a romantic setting. After some prodding, he admits its Sam. Cue another lovey dovey montage of Blaine falling for Sam. Tina and Blaine agree to go to the dance together and keep each other company.

Jake goes to his half-brother Puck (Mark Salling) for advice about Kitty. Surprisingly, Puckerman tells him not to make a move on Kitty if he really likes Marley. Puck promises to take care of Kitty personally.

Kurt admits to Rachel that he has a crush on Adam (cue flirting montage) and she suggests he take a risk and ask him out.

Inside McKinley, Puck tells Kitty to leave Jake alone and Kitty admits she doesn't like Jake, she just wants him and she's used to getting what she wants. Apparently, it's what b----es do. In a possible statutory turn of events, Kitty invites Puck to go to the dance with her. He agrees once its confirmed that she will be paying for everything.

At the dance, the men of New Directions perform 'No Scrubs' by TLC in dedication of all the strong women out there.

Marley and Jake discuss what's happening between them. She admits that she wants them to be exclusive but only if they take things slow.

Beiste sees some girls sitting by themselves and gives them a pep-talk about not waiting to be asked and instead taking what's theirs. As she reminds them, the worst thing that could happen is the other person says no.

In New York, Kurt approaches Adam while the girls agree to ask their intended guys to dance. Insert another montage with Kurt asking Adam out and the girls asking their respective gentlemen to dance. Everyone says yes, smiles and happiness all around. Adam gives Kurt his phone number and they agree to meet for coffee or drinks.

Tina and Blaine have a moment out on the dance floor, but just when it looks like Tina is about to kiss him, Sam interrupts them, saying he got a break in his Warbler's cheating case. A dejected Tina watches them leave as the ladies of New Directions perform Bruno Mars' 'Locked Out of Heaven'.

Puck and Kitty are doing much better at the dance. She says she read his screenplay and thinks he could actually be a screenwriter. To celebrate their new-found whatever it is, they head out to her car to fool around.

In the locker room, Sam and Blaine show Finn before and after pictures of the Warblers, trying to make it apparent that they bulked up inexplicably fast. They also show him a cell phone video of a Warbler hulking out on a barista in the local coffee shop, claiming it could be 'roid rage. Finn tells them it's not enough evidence to make the Warblers forfeit the title. Enter Trent (Dominic Barnes) a former Warbler, who refused to take the testosterone enhancing drugs like the rest of the Warblers and was promptly kicked out. Finn asks him if he's willing to testify against his former show choir.

Brody is 45 minutes late to dinner at Rachel's loft and she angrily starts throwing out their dinner and yelling at him. He apologizes, saying he waited out in the cold for a train, and would gladly do so for as long as necessary if the train was bringing him to her. She forgives him and they dance together.

Onstage at McKinley, Ryder (Blake Jenner) sings 'I Only Have Eyes for You' by the Flamingos while Jake tells Marley he wants to be with her and only her. Blaine apologizes to Tina and they slow dance while he sadly watches Sam dance with Brittany.

Back in New York, Brody tells Rachel he'll get an apartment closer to her and she invites him to move in with her.

The next day, the girls disband the "Too Young to Be Bitter" club after admitting that it was an amazing Sadie Hawkin's dance. They all praise Tina, who tells them she found the love of her life: Blaine.