Somehow, Ryan Murphy and FOX managed to pack tons of sex, songs and sweetness into just one hour on tonight's 'The First Time' episode of 'Glee' -- PopCrush has your recap.

Within 30 seconds of the opening intro, New Directions dove right into their first 'West Side Story' performance in preparation for the big show, which was a scene between Rachel and Blaine, rehearsing 'Tonight' while Artie directed from his chair. Artie tells the pair that they're wound too tight; that they lack passion and asks if they've ever had a sexual awakening... Done the deed... Had sex. Unsurprisingly, both Blaine and Rachel reveal that they are virgins. But they both agree, how can they feel the part if they haven't committed sexually?

Finn has the house to himself for the week and invites Rachel over, and she can hardly run fast enough to lose her virginity -- or so it seems. Elsewhere, Kurt and Blaine talk about their comfort zones and growing passions, but decide to keep things above the belt. For now.

Coach Beiste returns to drop a big bomb on the viewers -- she too is a member of the v-club. Sadly, when the man of her dreams (a college recruiter) asks her out, her insecurities really show through and she accuses him of accepting a dare to take her on a date.

Blaine makes a little visit to Dalton Academy, where his former guy group the Warblers are immersed in a gleeful performance of Billy Joel's 'Uptown Girl.' The former songbird can't help but jump in and dance with them, despite being out of the standard blazer and grey pants dress code. While there, he meets the newest Dalton Academy Warbler, the overly-flirtatious Sebastian (Grant Gustin). In the middle of their conversation, the screen flips back and forth to Santana and Rachel rehearsing 'A Boy Like That,’ which was sickeningly appropriate given the situation.

Back at school, Blaine approaches Kurt about how sheltered they are, and stresses that 'West Side Story' is about "living outside of your safe little world." He presses that now is the time to be adventurous... Though we all know exactly what he's after.

Over coffee drinks, Sebastian pushes the envelope with Blaine to get him to step into the darkside, but Kurt seems a little uncomfortable about how close for comfort the new Warbler is getting to his man. Despite that, he agrees to join Blaine and Bastian at a gay bar for a few drinks.

That night, at Finn's house after a delicious vegan meal with real meat (oops), things get really cozy by the fire. With love in the air, he and Rachel begin to get hot and heavy ... When it comes out that Rachel is only trying to get in Finn's pants to play the part of Maria. Finn is understandably hurt, and unexpectedly, they don't end up doing the dirty that night. The next day, Rachel calls on the advice of her fellow 'Glee' girls, and both Quinn and Santana speak against it. Tina, on the other hand, can't speak highly enough of being in love and losing her card -- cue the rest of 'A Boy Like That/I Have a Love.' In the end, Rachel changes her mind and decides to put all of her eggs in Finn's basket for the right reasons.

Kurt and Blaine go to the gay bar with Sebastian, where Kurt runs into his former football bully Karofsky at the bar and they share a nice chat while his boyfriend dances on another man. Later, in the back of the car, drunk, Blaine goes too far and Kurt gets upset, nixing their sex session.

During the premiere 'West Side Story' performance, shots of Finn beating himself up in the shower appear on screen, but we're confused about why. On stage, Santana delivers a saucy version of 'America' as the rest of New Directions, including newcomer Rory, dance together on the stage. Next up, Blaine and Rachel tapped into their inner sex-fiends, despite the fact that they had not actually gone through with the sexy scenes.

Back in the auditorium, following their first show performance, Blaine explained to Kurt that their first time should be special and let it drop, inviting him to an afterparty the following night. Kurt declines, saying he'd rather go to his house. Elsewhere, Rachel finds herself on Finn's doorstep.

Finn did get his heartbroken in 'The First Time' ep, but not by Rachel -- the football recruiter who pursued coach Beiste did not do the same for the young football star and told him that he'd reached his ceiling. Ouch. Rachel bandaged his wounds, both emotionally and physically ... by going all the way.

The next night, she and Blaine delivered the performance of a lifetime with a shaking performance of 'One Hand, One Heart,' which closed out the show.

Despite the fact that really, the first time is not all its cracked up to be, 'Glee' kept it real in the plot-packed episode. Next week, it seems we can expect an Adele-filled episode, as was teased in the promo slot. 'Mash Off' airs on Nov. 15.