Proceed with caution, Gleeks -- spoilers ahead! The Internet has been buzzing with spoilers from 'Glee' Season 3, and PopCrush has searched the Web for the most interesting and juicy gossip swirling around the upcoming season.

The word on Rachel is that she and Kurt are anxious about graduation, and both will seriously ponder moving to New York after they receive their diplomas. Speaking of Kurt, things with Blaine might get a whole lot heavier, since he's supposedly transferring to McKinley High. Rachel is also reuniting with her mom this season, and we will get to meet Mike Chang's parents as well (and they sing!).

Our favorite Cheerios will also do some major life exploration this season. Quinn is going bad girl on us, as she has a whole new posse this season in addition to taking up smoking and dying her hair pink. Santana is exploring her attraction to girls (and also gets kicked out of the New Directions), while Brittany starts dating Damian from 'The Glee Project,' who she thinks is a leprachaun when really he is just a foreign exchange student from Ireland. Also, the Cheerios' head honcho, Sue Sylvester, will be running for Congress!

Besides Brittany and Damian hooking up, romance is also in the air for Mercedes and Mr. Schuester. Mercedes has a new boyfriend that we will meet this season, and it sounds like Mr. Shu is going to start getting serious with Emma.

More news on the 'Glee' spoiler front is the fact that Artie is a junior (when did that happen?), and that there will no guest stars this season. Also, Samuel from 'The Glee Project' is a relative of Puck (all four finalists will appear on the show), there will be four musical numbers each episode, and you can expect a Tom Jones cover in the premiere episode.

The biggest news of all? That there is a two-hour tribute planned for the spring featuring an artist that the show has been trying to sign on with for more than a year now!

'Glee' premieres on FOX on Sept. 20. Get your remotes ready!