Tonight's 'Mash Off' episode of 'Glee' was all we could have hoped for and so much more. Not only did we get New Directions-inspired renditions of hot hits by Lady Gaga and Adele, but we got some actual hits that heated things up and left a sting, too.

While the mid-November episode did bring plenty of light rival activity, like a dodgeball showdown between New Directions and the Trouble Tones, it certainly wasn't all fun and games. In a heated argument between Finn and Santana in the hallway, the football stud used his unexpectedly good senses while placing context clues together to figure out, on his own accord, that Santana hasn't been straight-forward about her sexuality. Unfortunately, rather than work out the puzzle in his mind, he shouted it loudly for everyone surrounding the feuding pair to hear.

Most of the students in the hallway left with no more than a snicker or a jaw drop, but one, who happened to be the daughter of one of Sue's fellow Congressional candidate, couldn't leave a secret like that alone -- and neither could her father. Much like Sue did to Kurt's dad, the hopeful ousted Santana as being gay for the whole city to hear in one of his commercials, bringing to the surface two very serious 'Glee' moments: the brevity of bullying and the realistic hurt tied to one's secret sexuality.

Given that she had yet to spill the beans to her friends and family -- much less the whole school and the city -- Santana was understandably upset. Following a truly smashing rendition of Adele's 'Someone Like You' in the auditorium, the fiered-up songstress approached Finn, angrily verbally attacking him and his actions before giving him the what-for in the form of a loud slap across the face. Ouch. 'Glee' cut to credits immediately following the hit, and we can't wait to see how McKinley High takes on the physical altercation in the next episode. Stay tuned!