Gleatlemania has arrived. It's 'Glee' x the Beatles. Is that blasphemy? No freakin' way. It's a testament to the songwriting of the Fab Four that several decades later, young and modern voices can tackle these songs and do right by 'em.

On 'Glee Sings the Beatles,' the cast is largely loyal to the spirt of the originals and let's face it. They sorta have to be.

The album is full of respectful, 'Glee-ified' renditions of some of your favorite Beatles' classics, with some tinkering here and there; some updates due to modern conventions; and some changes, like the addition of female vocals, of course, which is an obvious new-ness. Other than that, the cast does its thing with iconic tunes with the help of pristine production values.

Purists and classic rockers might thumb their noses at this collection, but in all actuality, this album will open up a new and young generation of listeners to the music of the Beatles. That's mission: critical.

1. 'Yesterday'
Lea Michele's honeyed, powerhouse voice delivers the classic ballad in a voice that is alternately sweet and pained. We're feelin' it in our bones. Somewhere, John Lennon is smiling over the Rachel version.

2. 'Drive My Car'
Rawk and retro -- that's the 'Glee' cast on this jam!

3. 'Got to Get You Into My Life'
This version is not your parents' Beatles. It's yours, given an update with fuller production, sung by Darren Criss and Chris Colfer aka Klaine!

4. 'You've Got to Hide Your Love Away'
Harmonies are what the cast of 'Glee' does best, and they would make the Fab Four proud with this rendition. The song shimmers and shines, courtesy of Artie and Kitty.

5. 'Help!'
Wait, did we hop into a time warp? Is it 1965 again? We love when 'Glee' hurls itself into the musical past. What's that? Oh, just the sound of PopCrush staff singing and clapping along to this 'Glee-ified' cover of 'Help!'

6. 'A Hard Day's Night'
'A Hard Day's Night' is a girl power update, thanks to Rachel and Santana aka Lea and Naya Rivera.

7. 'I Saw Her Standing There'
Loyal to the original, this New Directions version could introduce teens and a whole new generation to this track.

8. 'All You Need Is Love'
The Beatles wrote great songs and the 'Glee' cast harmonizes flawlessly. Hence, 'All You Need Is Love' x Blaine (and the New Directions) = awesome.

9. 'Get Back'
The 'Glee' version is larger-than-life and this tune feels a bit Broadway-ish, as delivered by Kurt and Rachel. Not a shock, but not our favorite, either.

10. 'Here Comes the Sun'
The Demi Lovato x Naya Rivera duet finds their voices interlacing, much like their characters (Dani and Santana) will on the series. It's one of the best covers on an album full of really terrific covers, thanks to the vocal chemistry between the ladies.

11. 'Something'
Heartfelt, moving, and sung by Sam.

12. 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'
We love it when 'Glee' rocks and they do it with a capital "R" here. We think Paul McCartney might give a thumbs up to this School of Rock/'Rock of Ages'-like rendition of this jam.

13. 'Hey Jude'
Mr. Criss-as-Blaine does a fine job with one of the most iconic tracks of the band's entire catalog. He shares the spotlight with Kitty, Sam and Tina, adding a layer of harmony and another perspective.

14. 'Let It Be'
Once again, Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, Chris Colfer and the cast demonstrate why they are some of the best singers of their generation.We love when the 'Glee' choir kicks in. Heartwarming, indeed.