Tonight's episode of 'Glee,' dubbed 'Asian F,' centers on Mike Chang, played to utter perfection by Harry Shum. We get to learn more about the character, via his parents and their uber high academic expectations for him. In this minute-long preview clip, we meet his parents for a hot second.

Chang's  father says that his grandmother in China knew three English phrases, one of which she picked up on TV. Can you guess which show the phrase "Kiss my grits" is from? The other phrases? "Coca Cola" and  "Harvard University." Clearly, the Chang's were aware of pop culture and have high standards and they involve Ivy League learning institutions.

Shum himself was psyched about this episode, since it provided more of an insight into Mike and allowed his character to come front and center on the series. "It gave more back story and depth, outside of him dancing," Shum said. We get to learn what dancing really means to Mike Chang. We also see him struggle with his parents' traditionalism and his own desires.

Tune in tonight to meet the Changs and go deep with Mike! And in case you weren't aware, an 'Asian F' is pretty much an A-.

Watch the 'Glee' Preview of 'Asian F'