Spoiler alert. If you are a Gleek that wants to be surprised, cover your eyes. If you are a Gleek that hates suspense and is dying for a nugget of news about this nascent new season, then carry on. It appears as though a new male character will drive a rift between the always adorable couple Kurt and Blaine on Season 3 of 'Glee.'

TVLine reports that Grant Gustin, who has theater experience, will step into the shoes of Sebastian, a gay, Dalton Academy Warbler who immediately zeroes in on hunky (and unavailable) Blaine. Gasp! Drama ahead for Klaine!

Word is that Sebastian is the complete opposite of Kurt and is allegedly very promiscuous and a schemer. Yikes. This spells trouble for Kurt and Blaine's relationship. Sebastian is being touted as the villain this season and it's being said that the role is big!

Look for Sebastian by the fifth episode. Something tells us he'll be ready to cause some trouble the minute we lay eyes on him. Will Kurt and Blaine's relationship survive? Tune in and find out!