Tuesday's 'I Kissed a Girl' episode of 'Glee' was an especially heavy one, and while we're starting to feel like that's becoming a weekly recurrence, the jaw-dropping plot changes have yet to get old. This week, the geniuses at FOX unloaded a huge bomb: Rachel won't be competing at Sectionals.

Ever the goody-two-shoes, Rachel found herself in a pile of you-know-what after she stuffed the class president election ballot boxes with Kurt's name, resulting in not only her suspension, but a ban from Sectionals, which are next week. How New Directions will survive without their star player, we have no idea, but we're eager for the exciting struggle the kids will have to overcome!

Apparently, Rachel's 'real life' alter-ego, Lea Michele, couldn't keep her mouth shut any longer -- she teased the big reveal on Twitter earlier today, though we weren't quite expecting Principal Figgins to pull such an integral plug. Somehow, we think New Directions will survive, and perhaps this means that the Troubletones ladies will be coerced back to their one-and-only glee club.

'Hold On to Sixteen,' the Sectionals episode, will air Dec. 6 on FOX.