The 'Glee' Cast covers the Gym Class Heroes single 'Stereo Hearts' in the next episode of the series, called 'Heart,' which airs on Valentine's Day.

'Stereo Hearts' is a song that has almost been overplayed on the radio and probably didn't need to receive the 'Glee' treatment. But since this is a show about music and an episode about love, a track that compares a heart to a stereo does seem like a logical choice.

The 'Glee' version is an almost-exact replica of the original, right down to the yell, "Gym Class Heroes, baby!," that precedes the first verse. The cast capably duplicates Adam Levine's hook, Travie McCoy's rap verses, and even McCoy's laughs between lines.

Just when it seems like the 'Glee' version of 'Stereo Hearts' is lacking imagination, sticking too close to the original recording, a crowd of voices appears over the final chorus, providing the power of a gospel choir and giving the song a jolt of 'Like a Prayer' energy.

'Heart' airs next Tuesday and also includes covers of songs by Madonna, Michael Buble, Whitney Houston, the B-52s and more.

Listen to the 'Glee' Cast, 'Stereo Hearts'