Sunshine Corazon (Charice) gets a chance to share her big voice one more time in Season 2, when she belts a new 'Glee' original 'As Long as You're There' in the 'New York' finale episode.

New Directions are unquestionably close to our hearts, but even we can admit when the rival team gives them a run for their money. Sunshine will take the stage with Vocal Adrenaline at Nationals and will sing this original song -- just like the McKinley High glee club was planning to do.

It's clear that Sunshine has a crazy voice for such a pint-sized high schooler, but will it be enough for her team to take down the underdogs? With this original tune, 'As Long as You're There,' the Filipino exchange student will shake the New York auditorium, but we hope the judges aren't fooled by the idea thievery.

New Directions have lined up a couple of originals to sing as well, and we can't help but wonder if Jesse St. James -- who is supposed to have come over to the good side -- may have tipped off his alma mater about the unique plan. Why else would Sunshine and Vocal Adrenaline drop a never-before heard track?

'As Long as You're There' is good, but it's not New Directions good. Also, does this original song remind anyone else of '90s Brandy?

The 'Glee' 'New York' Season 2 finale episode airs Tuesday, May 24 on FOX.

Listen to 'Glee' Cast (Sunshine Corazon), 'As Long as You're There'